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Dr Anne Wetter, MD Dr Elisabet Hagert, MD PhD (ALLÉLS’ Founders)

Know your skin’s genetic risk factors

Know your skin’s genetic risk factors

We were wrong about skin care

You know many “words” related to aging. Collagen breakdown, antioxidant levels, sun damage, retinol and oily vs dry skin just to name a few.

These words are confusing. You don’t know which are real and which are there to try and sell you something. Also, you don’t know which ones actually matter to you as an individual.

The truth is everyone ages differently. Allel's breakthrough DNA analysis reveals how you age by scoring you on 5 critical aging risk factors.

Knowing how you score empowers you to make smarter skin care decisions. You will know exactly what lifestyle changes to make as well as the right anti-aging ingredients for your individual needs.

What medical experts think of genetic based skin care

ALLÉL is the first DNA based skin analysis.

Doctor's love ALLÉL because we finally have knowledge and DNA proof to not only understand but also take the right steps to fight aging.

Besides revealing which skin care you should use, ALLÉL can help save you money by showing you which products you shouldn't buy.



Receive the DNA test in as little as 3 business days


A simple cheek swab will take your sample


Rush your sample back to our lab in Sweden in our pre-posted packaging


Receive your analysis along with specific recommendations on the right skincare ingredients and lifestyle changes for better skin.


Free phone consultation to review your analysis and recommendations with one of our clinical lab experts.


You'll be making better skin care related decisions. You'll know the lifestyle changes you need to make as well the skin care ingredients you need in order to age your best.

Top Magazines Recommending ALLÉL

Elizabeth Whitson-Dew, VOGUE

With Allél you can arm yourself with the full facts and the best products for the job ahead

Beauty Editor, Cosmopolitan

ALLÉL is the most comprehensive skin care brand on the market.

Elizabeth Whitson-Dew, VOGUE

Taking everyday skincare to a new scientific level, ALLÉL is breaking boundaries with their clinical approach.

ALLÉL transformed these people's skin care

Real stories of how DNA testing has helped others make smarter skin care choices.

Deanne M. McCormick

"My ALLÉL DNA analysis revealed to me that the true source of my wrinkles and sagging skin is a high glycation risk factor. This was a surprise. I always thought collagen break down is to blame. Their lab expert explained to me that because of my high risk factor, cutting back on sweets is critical. I also learned that I need to stop wasting money on collagen based products that will not work for me. Now I know that what my skin needs are products with anti glycation ingredients."

Deanne M. McCormick - Chicago, Illinois
Jenny Morrison

"I initially found out about this product from a Harpers Bazaar article I saw online, I thought it sounded cool and decided to treat myself to the DNA test, and it is everything I hoped it would be!"

Jenny Morrison - Santa Ana, California
Kathleen Briones

"Dermatologists always told me that sun damage is the cause of collagen break down. I assumed sun creams were my only solution. My test revealed to me that I have a high antioxidant risk factor. During our consultation, they advised that I keep using sun creams, but also buy skin care products ingredients which treat skin antioxidant levels. This was a half a year ago. I can’t remember the last time my skin looked so good."

Kathleen Briones - Toledo, Ohio
Nancy Brown

"DEFINITELY worth the investment. My skin is clearer than ever thanks to the insight ALLÉL gave me on my analysis report."

Nancy Brown - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Stephanie Louis

"I read in a magazine that they gave this product in the gift baskets that they gave to the Oscar winners, so I decided to give it a shot, lol. I sent in my DNA, waiting for my results!"

Stephanie Louis - Lincoln, Nebraska
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Know your genetic risk factors for aging

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